Changing Your Major

Thinking about changing your major? Is your major not quite what you thought it would be?

You are not alone!  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 80% of students in the US change their major at least once during college, and on average students change their major up to three times over the course of their college career.  If that wasn't enough, over 80% of new students entering college (even those with a declared major) are still uncertain about their major selection and how they are personally connected to the academic program.

80% of students change their major

Academic advisors in the Office of Academic Advising are here to assist you in the exploration process for majors, careers, or both!  All students are welcome to work with one of our advisors at any time!

If you are still searching for the major or career that is the best fit for you, or are considering changing your major, start by checking these resources and scheduling an appointment with an advisor by calling 319-273-3406.

What Can I Do Now?