Guide to Detailed Course Information in Search for Classes

You need to look at the details (not just the summary) to know all about the course!

A course at the University of Northern Iowa may have one section or many sections offered in a semester.  When planning your semester schedule and looking at course information through Search for Classes, you should view the detailed course entry information by clicking on the links for a section under either the "Class" or "Section" columns:

Detailed Course Information

Detailed Course Entry Information

On the detailed course entry page, eight (8) sections provide more information about your expectations and requirements for enrollment in the course:

Course Information

Department Prefix Information: Department of Course / Use this as the “Subject” in the Search for Classes

Course Number: 

  • 1000 – 1999 are introductory or elementary courses
  • 2000 – 2999 are lower level undergraduate courses
  • 3000 – 3999 are upper level undergraduate courses for majors
  • 4000 – 4999 are advanced upper level undergraduate courses


  • 0_ Semester Based Course (Ex. 01)

  • 8_ First Half Semester Course/First 8-Weeks (Ex. 82 or 8A)

  • 9_ Second Half Semester Course/ Second 8-Weeks (Ex. 93 or 9B)

  • GIS - Guided Independent Study *

* You may enroll in Guided Independent Study (GIS) at any time and take up to nine months to complete the course.  Tuition for GIS courses is in addition to the full-time, on-campus rate.  In general, GIS courses do not qualify for financial aid.  Students must register through the GIS office or online at

Class Details

Status:  Open      |    Closed      |    Course with Waiting List  

Class Number: 5-digit individual course identifier

Units: Credit hours

Instruction Mode:

  • In-person - Traditional classes that meet face-to-face in a classroom.

  • Hybrid - These classes include both in-person and online components

  • Online Semester Based - Classes that do not meet in a room, but might either be synchronous (convene online at a set time, such as by Zoom) or asynchronous (no set meeting time)

  • Online Guided Indep. Study

Meeting Information

Room: UNI CUE and Allen College are away-from-campus locations

Enrollment Requirements: Qualifications for enrollment into the course may include a:

  • Prerequisite (must complete before taking the course)

    • Completion of a Specific Course  |  Meet a Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirment |  Be of a Specific Classification (i.e. Junior Standing)  |  Have Declared or Admitted to the Major

  • Corequisite (must complete while taking the course)

    • Typically is the completion of another course

  • Consent Required for Course Enrollment - Will be identified as either from an instructor or an academic department

  • Specific Population of Student (i.e. First-Year student)

  • Other requirements

Class Availability'
Available Seats: Number of Available Seats remaining in section


Class Notes: Information in this section will relate to the enrollment and/or the operation, as well as directions for students to access additional resources, for the course.

Description: Includes a general description as well as other related information for the course.

Textbook/Other Materials

Textbook/Other Materials: Listing of specific textbooks/e-Book and/or other materials with an indication of status as either required or optional for the course.