Course Type Descriptions and Sections

There are several types of courses students are encouraged to sign up for at Orientation.  

First Year Only (FYO) - Every first-year student at UNI has the opportunity to enroll in a first-year only Liberal Arts Core course. This classroom experience connects students to a faculty member who will assist them through the transition to college, a peer mentor who will provide support inside and outside the classroom, and a tight-knit community of other first-year students who are also experiencing their first semester at UNI.  We encourage each student to have 1 FYO course on their schedule.  

Cornerstone - This unique year-long course allows students to take a course for a full academic year with the same professor, satisfying two Liberal Arts Core requirements (1A and 1B).  The course integrates topics of writing, speaking, civility, and student success within a vibrant classroom community.  Students also have access to a peer mentor who will be there for all course sessions, providing mentoring and answering any questions they have about their college experience. *Also considered a FYO course.

UNI Plus -  

UNI Peer Led Undergraduate Support (PLUS) provides course-embedded peer support to students in historically difficult courses through weekly study sessions and walk-in tutoring at The Learning Center @ Rod Library.

Freshman Only / Transfer Only - course sections that are designated for new Freshman or new Transfers.

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