The Exploratory Program at UNI

Is the Exploratory Program is right for you?

  • You have many interests and aren’t ready to commit to one major yet
  • You aren’t comfortable making such a big decision without help from an academic advisor or professor
  • You aren’t aware of what careers you can pursue with certain majors (example: What can I do with a history major?)
  • You feel there are too many choices and need help exploring options to make an informed decision
  • I’m torn between two majors and just don't know how to decide on one
  • Your parents want you to study something that is ‘practical’ – that is, leads right to a specific job – but you're not sure that’s the path you want to follow

If you are exploring majors and are not ready to declare, you’re not alone! UNI offers an Exploratory Program to help you decide on a major that is the best fit for you. The Exploratory major is the second ​largest “major” at UNI for students new from high school.20% are deciding on a major

The Exploratory Advantage

Our program helps you explore areas of interest before committing to a specific major.  As an Exploratory student, you are assigned to an academic advisor who helps connect you to possibilities in majors and careers.  

Exploring majors is a process. Exploratory students are encouraged to be proactive, engaged, and collaborative with their academic advisor to develop a personalized academic plan. Your academic advisor is a guide to understanding your unique career goals and connecting them to possible majors.

Our academic advisors have a planned program to help you navigate the exploration process! 
Check out our Major & Career Exploration Resources here!

What is the exploratory program?

Note: Exploratory is not a degree granting program – a student must declare a major, and complete the requirements for that academic program, in order to earn a degree from the University.