First-Year Exploratory Students

The Exploratory Advantage                                                                                                 

If you think you are the only student who is still trying to decide a are not alone!  At UNI about 20% of incoming new students are still deciding.  Many students who enter college with a major do not understand why they chose the major, or if it is a good fit for them; which leads to many students changing majors at least once, if not more.

In the Office of Academic Advising, we believe in taking time to explore major, minor, and career options and how those options fit with your values, strengths, interests, and personality.  

Why go Exploratory?

The "Exploratory Advantage" allows you to explore your areas of interest before committing to a specific major.  As an Exploratory student you are assigned to an academic advisor who will focus on connecting you to your possibilities in majors and careers while facilitating your academic success through transitions and resources.  You will collaborate with your academic advisor to develop personalized goals and expectations based on your interests and skills.  With a supportive community and network, we are here to ensure you have an advising experience that supports you throughout college.

The best part about the "Exploratory Advantage" is we have an intentional program designed to help you wherever you are in the exploration and deciding process.  Take a look at our Exploratory Syllabus.