First-Year Intake Students

So what is Intake Advising?

Intake Advising through the Office of Academic Advising serves first-year students in specific majors.  Students are assigned an academic advisor who will connect them to major requirements,  and potential careers, guide them through the transitions to UNI and the major, and provide resources for a successful college experience.   After completing the first year, students will be assigned a faculty advisor within their major.  

What majors participate in Intake Advising?

Majors included in Intake Advising and the assigned advisor: 

  • Biology - Colleen Sullivan
  • Communication Disorders - Angie Tudor
  • Communication Studies - Lori VanHooreweghe
  • Criminology - Heather Asmus​
  • Geography - Heather Asmus​
  • History (non-teaching) - Heather Asmus
  • Political Science - Heather Asmus
  • Psychology - Heather Asmus
  • Social Work - Heather Asmus​
  • Technology - Colleen Sullivan