Liberal Arts Core

Students, the Liberal Arts Core is an important part of your degree.  Your peers have recorded descriptions about each LAC course to help you choose which courses to take.  Not every course has a description yet, but we're continuing to record them and update them. In addition, you can review the LAC written descriptions. 

  • If you would like to watch an informational video on the entire Liberal Arts Core, watch this video.

  • Want to check off which LAC requirements you have already completed? Check out the 2021 LAC Guide

Category 1 Core Competencies

1A Reading and Writing

      ENGLISH 1005 College Writing and Research

1B Speaking and Listening

      COMM 1000 Oral Communications

1A / 1B UNIV 1000 / 1010 Cornerstone

1C Quantitative Techniques and Understanding

      MATH 1100 Math and Decision Making

      STAT 1772 Intro to Statistics

      MATH 1420 Calculus I

1D Dimensions of Well Being

     KAHHS 1020 and 1030 Dimensions of Well Being Lecture and Lab 

2A Humanities

     HUM 1021 Humanities I

     HUM 1022 Humanities II

     HUM 1023 Humanities III

2B Non-Western Cultures

     HUM 3124 China

     HUM 3128 Africa

     HUM 3137 Native Central and South America

3A Fine Arts
     ART 1004 Visual Perceptions

     MUSIC 1100 Soundscapes: Music in Culture

     PEMES 2034 Survey of Dance History

     THEATRE 1002 Theatrical Arts and Society

3B Literature, Philosophy and Religion

     ENGLISH 1120 Intro to Literature

     PHIL 1020 Philosophy: The Art of Thinking

     RELS 1020 Religions of the World

4A Life Science

      ANTH 1001 Human Origins

      BIOL 1012 Life: The Natural World

      BIOL 1014 Life: Continuity and Change

4B Physical Science

     CHEM 1010 Principles of Chemistry

     CHEM 1011 Molecules and Life

     EARTHSCI 1100 Astronomy

     EARTHSCI 1200 Elements of Weather

     EARTHSCI 1300 Intro to Geology

     GEOG 1210 Physical Geography

     PHYSICS 1000 Physics in Everyday Life

     PHYSICS 1400 Conceptual Physics

     TECH  1015 Intro to Sustainability

5A Sociocultural and Historical Perspectives

     ANTH 1002 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

     GEOG 1120 Human Geography

     HISUS 1023 History of the United States

     SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology

     WGS 1040 Women's and Gender Studies: Introduction

5B Individual and Institutional Perspectives

     ECON 1031 Introduction to Economics

     FAM SERV 1010 Human Identity and Relationships

     POL AMER 1014 Introduction to American Politics

     PSYCH 1001 Intro to Psychology

5C Diversity and Global Issues

      ED PSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development

      GEOG 1110 World Geography

      POL GEN 1020 Contemporary Political Problems

      POL INTL 1024 International Relations 

      SOC 1060 Social Problems

      SW 2045 American Racial and Ethnic Minorities

6 Capstone Experience

   CAP 3102  Living in our Techno-Social World