Orientation Advising Materials

Welcome to the Online Handbook for academic advising at Orientation.  

Definition of Advising 


2018 Dates


I. Schedules 

A. New Freshman Orientation    B. Transfer Orientation    

II. Scheduling for Student Success

A. This section provides general guidelines for setting up a balanced student schedule.    B. Prime-Time Hours

III. New Student Courses 

A. This section provides descriptions of course types (ie. First Year Only and Supplemental Instruction) and specific course sections within each type.)  

IV. Liberal Arts Core and Degree Components

A. Degree and Classifications    B. LAC Outline   C. Satisfying LAC 1A     D. Survey of LAC textbooks    E. Dimensions of Well Being Descriptions

V. Course Placement Guidelines

A. ALEKs Scores and Placement / FAQs   B. Math for Business    C. Math for Science    D. Spanish Major /  Foreign Language Placement Test    E. International Baccalaureate    F. CLEP Placement Chart    G. Credit for AP Exams

VI. Pre-Professional Guides

VII. Advising for Specific Populations

A. The Basics on Transfers / Faculty Advising for Transfers    B. Honors    C. Athletic Advisors and Practice Times     D. Jump Start Program / Jump Start Course Guide    F. Music for non-majors and Theatre for non-majors    G. Strategies for Academic Success

VIII. Other Resources

A. Undergraduate Majors    B. Academic Learning Center    C. UNI Teacher Education    D. Orientation Student Staff     E.  ACT / SAT Concordance  F. Electives    G. Reading the Advisement Report    H. Orientation Management    I. Registration Information / Academic Advisement Report / Transfer Evaluation / Notes on Registration Form    J. Sample Open Class List