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April 3, 2018

It’s 9:15 on Monday, March 26, and I am so over this semester. I’m tired of pages of what feel like pointless assignments. I’m tired of Friday quizzes and Monday tests. I am tired of group projects, sitting at my desk, and walking to class.


Is anyone else feeling the same way?


I know the semester is only five more weeks and they are going to fly by, but it can be so hard to finish. Here’s the thing though: how you finish this semester, is going to determine how you will do next semester.


Having a passive, over-it attitude right now, not only will make these next few weeks miserable but it will carry over into your next semester as well. Many of us will spend the next five weeks complaining, and hating our situation. Once we hit summer break, we will forget all about school for a while and take a break, but sooner or later we will remember syllabus week in August and start dreading coming back to school again. Sure, you may recharge over the summer and come back with a fresh perspective, but when you allow yourself to check-out this semester are giving yourself permission to check out even earlier next semester. Which carries over into the next semester and continues in a downward spiral.


Here’s the thing: we are in college for reason. We are preparing ourselves for our future. Even if we do not know exactly what that future will look like yet. Do we really want to be preparing for our future by complaining and checking-out every couple months? Because, if we do, that doesn't speak very well for how are career is going to go.


I know that school is not the job, and even if you are studying what you are passionate about, it doesn't always feel exciting or easy, but your future job isn’t going to feel that way either. It's going to be exciting and boring, and require you to keep learning and growing through challenges and success, and that is what will make it the perfect job for you.


So, let’s decide to look forward to that job, and those experiences that come after college. Let’s decide that our degrees, our classes, and our assignments do matter. Because one day, we will use them to fuel our passions and change lives. Let’s decide that these last five weeks do matter, because next semester, the next semester, and your career starts right now.

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February 26, 2018

Picking a major can be one of the most difficult decisions at this point in one’s life. You’re senior year of high school is when you are constantly hurled with the question of where you are going after high school and what you want to do. It’s a stressful time when you are eighteen and have to make a decision that is the first stepping stone to how you choose to develop your future. For some this choice can be very simple and others feel the exact opposite. However, I am going to dive into how chose my major and give some tips to help discover the right major for you.

I have always been more of a indecisive person and when it came to nailing down what I wanted to do to start my future, that trait was heightened about ten notches. I always had a direction I wanted to go in but never a clear profession. I was someone that if anyone asked me, I said all I wanted to do was help people. Now, this was such a broad topic it didn’t help me hone in on what I wanted to do. Then I started catching myself telling people I was going to major in psychology because that can be interpreted as more of a general field and I had heard it most often. After I started college, I still had some doubts and was questioning if this was really the right fit for me. I did a little introspection and decided I loved everything about it. I am the type of person that loves talking to people, asking why questions, and of course wanted to help people. I started with taking Introduction of Psychology and then progressed more into the major. Every class I took was reassuring that this is what I wanted to do. From the professors to course content, it felt right. From there I narrowed my interests and am starting to develop an emphasis. In my story of picking a major, there wasn’t some grand moment that I said “this is it,” but it was a self growth of little moments leading me into how I want my life to look.

For others, picking a major is not that simple. Some may go through many periods changing their major and that is just fine. For those of you that are or may still be struggling with choosing a major, I am going to go through a few steps that may make this process go a bit smoother.

  1. Explore yourself.

  2. Separate your goals from other people’s goals for you.

  3. Be flexible. Investigate your options.

  4. Put your decisions in real-world context and evaluate.

  5. Make a decision, but remember it is alright to change your mind.

  6. Take action and enjoy your new major!

I hope these tips help, remember there are plenty of resources around campus to help in this process, and hope you enjoy your time at UNI!