Networking your Way to Success

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017
Shadows Networking


"The pathway to success is not always straight and narrow route. As a college student you gain a lot of  experience from working with different individuals from various backgrounds. The relationships you develop through meeting your professors, advisors, mentors and employers is called networking. Networking is the way we  interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. Networking is something that you all have been doing all this time and did not even notice.

Utilizing technology to network is something we are seeing more and more today. One way of networking is through social media such as:

  • LinkedIn

  • Job Boards

  • Job/Internship Fair

One of the best ways we network is through personal interaction and building relationships.

Networking Quote

From the beginning of your college experience the different individuals you come into contact with are part of your network. As a college student it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities to make connections that you can use. Networking is a big part of being able to ask for a recommendation letter, land that dream job, or ask about great internship/job opportunities. In order to start developing these many networks it is important to consider how you can make a lasting impression on someone that you want work with in the future. Developing yourself into a professional is key in this process. Social media is a big part of our world today so make sure your accounts that you have are professional, clean, and leave a great representation of who you want to be.

The individuals that you come in contact with during your college experience can be utilized as resources. The people that you utilizes as resources to move to the next steps in your life usually are more than willing to give you advice, resources, and connections of their own. To close, never turn down an opportunity to grow because it can lead to something much bigger and better. Each opportunity is a way to develop yourself professionally and put yourself out there to learn new things."

-Alexandria D.,Undergraduate Intern at the Office of Academic Advising