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Time is Money, Classes Cost Money

Posted on Monday, September 11th, 2017
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The Fall semester is in full swing. UNI’s first home football game is this weekend on Saturday against Mustangs. Your readings, assignments, tests, and papers are becoming real.

One year at the University of Northern Iowa for an in-state student is: $7,456.00. Each semester costing you $3,728. This is excluding books, housing, food, etc.

Many people will talk to you about how much it costs to skip class. At Freshman orientation they tell you how much it costs to skip class. But how much is it going to cost you if you do not pass a class because you did not organize your time and study? Hint: $750* 


It takes time to be organized. It takes time to study. It takes time to create the habits to succeed in college.

Here are a few ways to manage your time so you can succeed in college and get your money’s worth.

  • Paper Planner

    • Planners can organize your assignments, meetings, and general to-do lists.

    • A planner can be bought online, Walmart, Target, HyVee, etc.

    • The Huffington Post has an awesome breakdown of how to use a planner

  • Google Sheets/Excel

    • Planners are not your thing. If simple and straightforward are your thing, use this!

    • Start a Sheet with a column for Dates, Classes, Readings, and Assignments

    • Fill in columns with your syllabi

    • You can keep things organized by the date they are due or by the class

  • Google Calendar

    • Technology is your thing.

    • Logging in with your email allows you to connect to a Google calendar.

    • In the description of events, you can add assignments, reminders, and notifications.

Remember that these are just three ways that you can use to organize your time and stay on top of all of your assignments. If are you already using a system that works for you, keep it up! If you want to try one of these systems, make sure you are putting in the time to set it up, but to stay on top of it once it’s set up. Your organizational system only works if you put the work in.

So start your year off strong panthers and get the most out of your time at college by managing your time!

*If you are in 5 classes (15 credits) for one semester, each class costs you $745.60 or $880 if you are including Room and Board. Out of state costing $2,802.20 per class.