Guide to the Semester Registration Process

This Guide to the Semester Registration Process has been developed to help new and returning students at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) to understand the semester registration planning and registration process, as well as to provide a central portal of helpful campus-wide resources.  We encourage you to follow a three-step action plan to your semester registration. Use the information and links to resources in each area below to build your understanding and enhance your knowledge of semester registration at UNI!  Your are encouraged to communicate with your assigned academic advisor during any of these steps in the registration process!

  1. Information (watch the YouTube video on Step 1)  

  2. Planning (watch the YouTube video on Step 2) 

  3. Registration  (watch YouTube video on Step 3)  
Also refer to the Guide to Detailed Course Information in Search for Classes for additional details.
Information - Semester Registration Process Click here to watch a YouTube video on INFORMATION

How is your semester registration different from new student orientation?

You are responsible for...

  • Knowing your academic information.  Understand this necessary information to help you plan before you register

  • Completing semester registration preparation/planning.  Don't wait until your registration date/time to think about your options!

  • Self-registering for your semester classes.  You do not need to be with your academic advisor at your registration date/time

What information should I know?

Are you questioning your major?
              Click on this link or on the image
            to learn how to explore other majors /

Academic advising and registration resources

Planning - Semester Registration Process Click here to watch a YouTube video on PLANNING

Don't wait!  Put Classes in your Shopping Cart before your actual registration date/time!


MyPlanner enables you to develop a plan by identifying individual courses (not specific day/time sections) in the term/semester for which you would like to enroll in them

Schedule of Classes/Search for Classes

Search for Classes

Common search criteria include by:

  • Subject

  • Subject and Course Number

  • Course Attribute (e.x. Liberal Arts Core
    2014, Honors Course, or Winter Class)

  • Course Attribute Value (e.x. 2014 LAC
    4A: Life Sciences)

  • Session (ex. Full Semester, First-Half
    Semester, or Second-Half Semester)

Look at the details (not just the summary) to know all about the course!  A course at the University of Northern Iowa may have one section or many sections offered in a semester.  When planning your semester schedule and looking at course information through class search, you should view the detailed course entry information by clicking on the links for a section under either the "Class" or "Section" columns:

Search for Classes Review the Guide to Detailed Course Information in
Search for Classes
to learn more about these sections.

On the detailed course entry page, eight (8) sections provide more information about your expectations and requirements for enrollment in the course.

Additional Resources for Information in Search for Classes

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart allows you to pre-select/pre-plan course sections from the Schedule of Classes that you would like to register for once you are eligible to enroll at your registration date/time

Use of the Shopping Cart does NOT guarantee enrollment in a course(s) or section(s), nor does it automatically enroll you in the courses for your semester schedule

Tips for Planning a Semester Schedule

Consider your balance of...

  • Types of Classes (major/minors/liberal arts core)
  • Load of semester (# of units/hours)
  • Time/day of classes
  • Outside-of-classroom Activities (work, student organizations/activities...)

Questions to Ask..

  • How many credit hours do I want to take?
  • Do I have in my Shopping Cart...
    • Desired course/section options
    • Alternative sections for selected courses
    • Alternative courses to meet requirements
  • Have I reviewed courses / sections for day/time conflicts?

Meet with your Academic Advisor

  • You are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor each semester. 
    • If you have an advisor hold, contact your academic advisor to determine how and when you will work with them before registering for the next semester of classes.


Registration - Semester Registration Process Click here to watch a YouTube video on REGISTRATION

What are you Doing at Your Registration Date/Time?

How do I Complete my Semester Registration?

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