Transfer Students

So you're transferring?

Transferring to a new institution can be an overwhelming and complicated process.


Advisors at the University of Northern Iowa are here to ensure your transition to both the university, and your major, are successful.  Students at UNI can have several 

experiences when it comes to advising on campus.  Some departments may have professional advisors to assist you in pursuing your major, others may have faculty advisors to help both progress towards graduate and serve as a mentor, and others 

may have a combination of both these options.


The Office of Academic Advising will work with transfer students who identify as deciding students and with students who are wanting to change their major during their time at UNI.  If you are a deciding transfer student, you can find more information here.  Those who are wanting to change their major are encouraged to call our office to schedule an appointment to talk about the experience of changing your major.


To ensure you have the best advising experience possible, be sure to have all credits from previous institutions transferred to UNI prior to arriving at UNI or as soon as final grades are posted for your final term.  To see how your courses will transfer, please contact the Office of Admissions.

How do I know who my advisor is?


Students can log into their MyUNIverse account, then going to their Student Center, the assigned advisor information should be in the right-hand column.  Students may click on “Details” for more contact information.


Prospective students 

If you are a prospective student at a community college, we in the Office of Academic Advising encourage you to consider joining the Admissions Partnership Program (APP) to ensure you have a smooth transition from your community college to UNI!