ESFJs are warm, energetic, people persons. They are hard-working, organized, conscientious, and enjoy being part of a cooperative team. They are highly attuned to their emotional environment and attentive to both the feelings of others and the perception others have of them. ESFJs like a sense of harmony and cooperation around them, and are eager to please and provide. ESFJs value loyalty and tradition, and usually make their family and friends their top priority. They are generous with their time, effort, and emotions. They often take on the concerns of others as if they were their own, and will attempt to put their significant organizational talents to use to bring order to other people's lives.

ESFJs are driven by a desire to lead and help people in practical ways. They often choose careers where they can observe others’ needs and organize a plan to meet those needs. ESFJs enjoy work that allows them to follow through and see results, and prefer a high degree of structure and organization. They gain satisfaction from completing tasks with attention to order and detail. ESFJs usually prefer to work with others, and are energized by participating in a motivated, conscientious, action-oriented team.

ESFJs make up 12.3 percent of the U.S. population.



  • Most Value: Harmony

  • Appear to Others as: Helpful, supportive, practical

  • Strengths: Strong practical skills, warm and sensitive, loyal and dutiful, stand up and be counted

  • Areas for Growth: Rigid and judgemental, reluctant to improvise, neediness, lack of creative thinking


Other Characteristics:

  • Energizing

  • Communicative

  • Open

  • Practical

  • Action-Oriented

  • Empathetic

  • Cooperative

  • Loyal

  • Decisive

  • Sticks to Plans

  • Rigid


Common Careers:


  • Elementary Teacher

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Child Care Provider

  • School Administrator

Counseling and Social Service

  • Counselor

  • Social Worker

  • Healthcare Administrator

  • Police Officer


  • Paralegal

  • Court Reporter

  • Real Estate Appraiser

  • Technical Writer


  • Cosmetologist

  • Hotel Manager

  • Caterer

Health and Wellness 

  • Family Physician

  • Dentist

  • Medical Assistant

  • Optometrist

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Nurse

  • Surgeon

  • Physical Therapist

  • Fitness Trainer

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Radiation Therapist

  • Respiratory Therapist

  • Pediatrician

  • Physician Assistant

  • Dietitian

  • Minister





  • Buyer

  • Public Relations Manager

  • HR Manager

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Event Coordinator

  • Funeral Director

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Agent

  • Merchandise Planner

  • Advertising Sales Agent

  • Office Manager

  • Fundraiser

  • Receptionist

  • Customer Service Representative


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