Panther Access, Connection and Engagement Program

The Panther Access, Connection and Engagement (PACE) program is a transition and support opportunity for incoming University of Northern Iowa undergraduate students.

PACE was established as UNI’s alternative to the federally funded TRIO/Student Support Services program. The mission of the PACE program is to:

  • Assist students in their transition to college and to build a foundation for success
  • Establish a sense of belonging on campus along with a community of learners
  • Help students find connection points throughout campus
  • Promote student empowerment and a growth mindset

If you have been a participant in a federally funded TRIO program (Upward Bound, Educational Opportunity Centers, Educational Talent Search, and GEAR UP) and college-level Student Support Services programs, click here.

Who should RSVP for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Semesters?

To participate in the PACE program, an individual must be admitted to UNI as an undergraduate student either as a new from high school or transfer student. All students must complete the PACE program RSVP to be considered for participation. 

The PACE Program RSVP requests:

  • Basic demographic information
  • Types of assistance students would like to receive
  • Responses to the following short-answer questions:
    • What interests you about the PACE program?
    • How do you think the PACE program can contribute to your success at UNI?

The deadline for fall semester participation is the first Friday of the semester.  Late applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis or referred to other campus resources.  Likewise, the deadline for spring semester participation will be the first Friday of the spring semester.

Incoming students are identified for PACE program invitations based upon a combination of the following factors:

  • Pell Grant-eligibility
  • First-generation status
  • Previous TRIO participant
  • Underrepresented Students
  • Jump Start participant
  • Other academic-success factors
  • UNI students referred by faculty or staff

If you are unable to access the PACE RSVP, have questions, or want additional information about the PACE program, contact Nick Sullivan at 319-273-3406 or

Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact Nick Sullivan at or 319-273-3406 with any additional questions.