Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a website used by the Office of Academic Advising to help students understand their own interests, as well as explore majors and careers. Students complete a self-assessment, then schedule a follow-up appointment with an advisor to review and interpret their results. From there, students can access information on hundreds of various career paths.

Do you need an account username and password set up for Career Cruising?  Please contact the Office of Academic Advising by phone at 319-273-3406 or email at


Explore Your Interests

Use the "Matchmaker & My Skills" assessment to answer questions about your likes and dislikes to find careers that match up with your interests.  This assessment doesn't just provide you with a ranked list of careers they should learn more about - it explains why. This depth gives you valuable insights they can use as a springboard to further career exploration and discovery.

Learn About Careers

View hundreds of up-to-date, detailed occupational profiles including a full job description, typical working conditions, required education and training, expected earnings, plus links to related occupations and other useful resources specially chosen to encourage further investigation.  Multimedia interviews with professionals in an occupation are also available.

Find Jobs

Access employment guides as well as search job postings using a search tool.

Career Cruising is available free to all UNI students!

How do I take the self-assessment in Career Cruising? 

  • Contact the Office of Academic Advising to get your username and password.
  • Go to the Career Cruising Website 
  • Log-In by entering the username and password provided to you
  • Click "Create My Plan" and completing the profile information 
  • ‌Under "Assessments" click on "Matchmaker & My Skills." Then click  on "Start Matchmaker."
  • Make sure to click "Answer more questions to improve my results" during the assessment. You should answer a total of 116 questions. 
  • When looking at results, uncheck the High School and Two-Year College options. We are assuming you will have a four-year degree (bachelor's degree).