ESTJs are hardworking traditionalists, eager to take charge in organizing projects and people. They focus on facts and concrete needs. They are analytical, conscientious, decisive, direct, efficient, responsible, and fact-minded individuals. They value predictability and prefer things to proceed in a logical order. When they see a lack of organization, the ESTJ often takes the initiative to establish processes and guidelines, so that everyone knows what's expected.

ESTJs thrive in an environment built on order and continuity with explicit rules, expectations, and standards to follow. Leadership roles come easily for the ESTJ personality type, and they enjoy results-oriented work of a practical nature. ESTJs quickly develop a reputation in the workplace as people who can be trusted to deliver, on time and as requested. They are unfailingly reliable and gain satisfaction from bringing a project to completion.

ESTJs represent approximately 8.7 percent of the U.S. population.


  • Most Value: Organization

  • Appear to Others as: Methodical, focused, planned

  • Strengths: Organization and efficiency, dedication and commitment, integrity, stewardship

  • Areas for Growth: Judgemental, uncomfortable with emotions, workaholism, stubborn and inflexible


Other Characteristics:

  • Energizing

  • Communicative

  • Open

  • Practical

  • Action-Oriented

  • Objective

  • Rational

  • Loyal

  • Decisive

  • Sticks to Plans

  • Rigid


Common Careers:

Business and Finance

  • Credit Analyst

  • Budget Analyst

  • Financial Counselor

  • Stockbroker

  • Real Estate Appraiser

  • Cost Estimator

  • Purchasing Agent

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Agent

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Auditor

Public Service 

  • Military Officer

  • Police Officer

  • Public Administrator


Health and Wellness 

  • Pharmacist

  • Dentist

  • Physician

  • Athletic Trainer


  • Attorney

  • Paralegal

  • Judge


  • Sales Manager

  • Hotel Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Management Consultant

  • Office Manager

  • Property Manager

  • Factory Supervisor






  • Vocational Teacher

  • School Principal


  • Building Inspector

  • General Contractor


  • Airline Pilot

Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

  • Farmer or Rancher


  • Chef

  • Restaurant Owner


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