UNI Major Handouts

Want to learn more about UNI's majors? 

Our major sheets are a great tool to learn more about the majors UNI has to offer! Each sheet will:

  • Provide more detail about the major 
  • Highlight sample coursework for the major 
  • List possible careers and identify where UNI graduates are now
  • Identify the Holland Code for the major 
    (Not sure what a Holland Code is? You can take the Strong Inventory and get a comprehensive report on careers that would be a good fit for you!).

Enjoy browsing the list below. When you're ready to learn more, contact the Office of Academic Advising to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors! 


Don't see the major you're looking for?  We're working on adding new sheets this semester. Contact the Office of Academic Advising for assistance.